'American Idol' contestant faints onstage after panic attack

'American Idol' Contestant Faints Onstage After Panic Attack
'American Idol' Contestant Faints Onstage After Panic Attack

A scary moment for one "American Idol" contestant during Thursday night's group round competition.

"Are you okay? Are you okay? Hold her!" said Jennifer Lopez on "American Idol."

"Turn around, turn around," said an EMT.

The pressure of the always-dreaded group rounds proved to be too much for Alexis Granville, who collapsed onstage during her performance in front of the judges.

And she was stressed from the moment the group rounds began. Alexis was the last singer to find a group to audition with, which definitely started the night off on a sour note.

Then, after practicing with her group late into the night, Alexis became even more frantic and suffered a panic attack during rehearsals.

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A writer for Zap2it was there to witness Alexis's scary moment and confirmed the aspiring singer is just fine now.

But as that writer pointed out, "It's still incredibly alarming to watch an otherwise healthy-seeming twentysomething singer pass out onstage... and watch everyone in her group continue talking like nothing's wrong."

So the question becomes: is "American Idol" pushing its contestants too far?

A writer for Bustle certainly thinks so. "While I know Hollywood Week is supposed to symbolize the pressure of real Hollywood, is it right for these artists to be put through the ringer the way they are? The stress is literally making contestants sick."

To see if Alexis was able to recover and make it back onstage to perform with her group, tune into the next new episode of "American Idol" Feb. 11.

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