61 bodies found in Mexico, a reminder of missing students

61 Bodies Found in Mexico, a Reminder of Missing Students

Police in Guerrero, Mexico found 61 decomposing bodies in an abandoned crematorium late Thursday.

State officials believe the bodies were most likely left by the owner of the crematorium when it went out of business a year ago.

But when the grisly discovery was first brought to light, some outlets suggested the bodies were victims of the country's rampant organized crime.

That's because Guerrero is the same state where 43 students went missing back in September. These bodies were found in the city of Acapulco, about 120 miles away from Iguala, where the students went missing.

They are all believed to have been killed, burned, and then dumped in a river after they were kidnapped by corrupt police. Iguala's Mayor and his wife were arrested and charged with masterminding the case.

Since the Iguala students went missing, Mexican authorities have found mass grave after mass grave in the state, discovering more unidentified victims of Mexico's rampant violence and corruption.

And still authorities have only found the remains of one of the missing students.

The story was trending on Twitter in Mexico all day, with many tweeting "We found 61 but we're still missing 43."

Meanwhile, the families of the students say they will continue searching until they are found.
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