Two remaining corgis will be the last of queen's litter

Two Remaining Corgis Will Be The Last of Queen's Litter
Two Remaining Corgis Will Be The Last of Queen's Litter

The dog days at Buckingham Palace are coming to an end in the most literal way.

Queen Elizabeth II says the two corgis she has now will be the last of her reign's doggy dynasty.

Like Mary and her little lamb, everywhere the Queen goes, her famous pack of corgis is sure to follow, at least on the palace grounds, but the Queen has decided not to take in any more dogs.

Palace officials say the stocky breed is a tripping hazard, especially an energetic puppy, and now that the Queen is turning 89 in April, she is more likely to severely hurt herself if she trips over one. Recovery could also take longer and might prevent her from performing her duties.

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The Queen is famous for her choice of dog. She's owned more than 30 corgis since she was crowned in 1952. She actually ended up with a litter of 'dorgis' when one corgi scandalously mated with a dachshund. She's even commissioned paintings of them!

It's certainly a shake-up at the Palace. Like Superman without spandex, the world has never known the Queen without her corgis.

The next royal pups will probably be Jack Russell Terriers because that's what Prince Charles and Camilla have. They're adorable, but really -- there's no breed quite like a corgi.

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