The Caribbean ghost island of Little Curacao

The Caribbean Ghost Island Of Little Curacao
The Caribbean Ghost Island Of Little Curacao

Little Curaçao is an island no man can settle, and a pink lighthouse is all that's left.

Just to the southeast of the Caribbean island of Curaçao is the small ghostly island of Klein Curaçao, which is Dutch for "Little Curaçao"

Attempts to settle this island through the centuries have failed. The remains of a lone pink lighthouse watch over the piece of land that is less than a square mile in size. The island was in peak use during the 17th and 18th century when slaves were brought from Africa. Sick slaves were quarantined on this island to keep them away from healthy populations. It became the final resting place for many of them, and graves can be found on the island.

The northern side of the island is quite beautiful, but in an article on, Luke J Spencer writes "the southern, windward side, more exposed to the elements, is an unforgiving shoreline of pounding surf, and ragged coral reefs."

The island itself has very little foliage apart from a few palm trees adding to the inability to inhabit it.

The shipwrecks that surround the abandoned island are slowly but surely being broken apart, piece by piece a stark reminder of how unforgiving mother nature can be, even in paradise.

The island is now just used for excursions from Curaçao. The reef is known as being pristine and has become a destination for divers and snorkelers.

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