Police search for woman who left a tip for cashier during robbery

Police Search For Woman Who Left A Tip For Cashier During Robbery
Police Search For Woman Who Left A Tip For Cashier During Robbery

Police in Oklahoma City are searching for a suspect they call the "tipping bandit".

The female robber targeted the same Subway location twice last month, on January 17th and again on the 28th. Following one of the crimes, the woman left a dollar for the employee and simply said "this is for you."

Surveillance footage of the second incident shows the suspect approaching the counter with a gun in her hands. She kept the weapon down low while demanding money but at one point, the barrel was pointed at the Subway employee.

After she was handed the money, the woman casually walked out of the store with her hands concealed in her sweatshirt's front pocket. Oklahoma City Police Master Sergeant Gary Knight stated, "Thankfully no one was hurt, but you get a really good look at the female on video... It's good enough video that you can recognize her, recognize her clothing, somebody who knows her should be able to tell us who she is."

Investigators have taken the dollar tip as evidence. The worker who was given the bill quit not long after the robbery.

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