'My Strange Addiction:' See the top strangest eating habits

'My Strange Addiction:' See the Top Strangest Eating Habits

If you planned on eating before, during or after this video, then you might want to reconsider.

Wednesday night's episode of "My Strange Addiction" included three stories that featured odd eating habits.

The first of the three featured a woman who eats mattresses. But viewers believed that this was the least unusual of the three TLC highlighted.

"And I'm addicted to eating cat hair," said Lisa on "My Strange Addiction."

Lisa really made stomachs turn when she admitted to chowing down on her kitty's fur.

Her addiction started with just eating what fell off her feline friend, but she ended up buying three more cats just so she could lick the hair off of them.

"It's like an adrenaline rush for me, the more I eat, the more excited I get until I realize, there's not a lot left," said Casie.

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'My Strange Addiction:' See the top strangest eating habits

Lastly, there was Casie, who's addicted to eating the cremated remains of her husband.

At the time of filming, she had already eaten a pound of ashes and had to have the remains around her at all times.

Perhaps not so shockingly, BuzzFeed included all three of these strange addictions in their "23 Unforgettable Moments" list from the series.

But, of course, all anyone could talk about on Twitter was Casie and her ash-eating habit.

Some "Strange Addiction" eats that didn't make the list Wednesday night: bricks, paint, air freshener, rocks, cat food, and plastic.

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