Missouri police officer dances on dashcam

Police Officer Gets Jiggy With It in Dashcam Video
Police Officer Gets Jiggy With It in Dashcam Video

A Smithville, Missouri, police officer has now been seen across the country because of his stellar dance moves.

The officer decided to put a little pizzazz into his dashcam check. To make sure it was working ... he worked it.

This most recent video took off after the Smithville Police Department posted it to its Facebook page. The officer wasn't identified -- but a couple of people who commented said they thought it was Smithville officer Justin Friedel.

Friedel seemed to confirm on Facebook -- he posted a thank you, saying he was "glad I could make everyone's day with my weird sense of humor." He also posted the video of the dashcam dance.

If it is you, Justin, you keep testin' that dashcam. Hoping to see some twerking next.

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