'American Idol' contestant asks J.Lo back to his room

'American Idol' Contestant Asks JLo Back to His Room
'American Idol' Contestant Asks JLo Back to His Room

Jennifer Lopez got a little chilly during Wednesday night's Hollywood Week eliminations on "American Idol."

But thankfully, one, uh, generous contestant offered to warm the singer right up.

"I have a wonderful woolen coat back at the hotel room!" said contestant Sal Valentinetti on "American Idol."

"One more thing," said Valentinetti.

"One more thing?" asked Lopez.

"As an Italian man, Latinas turn me on like nobody else," said Valentinetti.

Woo! Someone better call Nelly, cause it is getting hot in here!

But apparently, the heater underneath the judges' table to warm her feet was steamy enough for JLo.

She politely declined to accompany Sal back to his room, to his immense disappointment. Maybe next time, Sal!

Luckily, Lopez's career has been anything but frozen. Her new movie, "The Boy Next Door," has gotten some sizzling feedback. (Video via Universal Pictures / "The Boy Next Door")

And she just announced she's adding yet another fragrance to her expansive perfume collection, JLuxe.

Well, Sal, you certainly have good taste!

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