How a 3-parent baby could change the world of genetics

What Are the Ethics of a 3-Parent Baby?

The U.K. may become the first country to allow in-vitro fertilization using 3 people's DNA. But many are left wondering if the practice is safe and what it could mean for future generations down the road.

The procedure is still in experimental stages but is meant to prevent genetic mutations. The proposed procedure would replace an eggs defective mitochondrial DNA with healthy DNA from a female donor. While less than one tenth of 1 percent of DNA comes from the donor the change is permanent.

Mutations in the mitochondria's DNA can create ailments that change the way human body cells consume energy. Further the changes could lead to ailments such as seizures and muscle weaknesses. These problems would only persist and be passed down in a minor percentage of female but it still poses cause for concern. Johns Hopkins' Dr. Margaret Moon explains more of the ethical and physical implications in the video above.

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How a 3-parent baby could change the world of genetics

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