Valuable figurines save a bad locker buy on 'Storage Wars'

'Storage Wars:' Valuable Figurines Save A Bad Locker Buy
'Storage Wars:' Valuable Figurines Save A Bad Locker Buy

A seemingly bad purchase took a surprising turn on Tuesday night's episode of "Storage Wars."

Husband and wife team Jarrod and Brandi made the trip out to Fontana, California, to pick up some treasures geared toward their female clientele.

They thought that they hit the jackpot when they purchased a locker full of furniture at auction for a whopping $2,750 -- but after taking a look at the contents, Jarrod instantly assumed they had made a big (and expensive) mistake.

"It was a mirage. It looked good from the door, but as soon as you get inside, it's crap," said Jarrod on "Storage Wars."

However, just when they thought they were out of luck, a set of green naked lady bookends and lamps Brandi and Jarrod found in a dresser drawer ended up saving the day.

The Arthur Von Frankenberg mixed metal bookends and lamps ended up getting the couple another $2,900, bringing the locker's total worth to about $3,840.

Jarrod was so happy with the figurines' combined value, he even teared up a little.

"Yes! I told you it was a good unit!" said Jarrod.

"No, you didn't," said Brandi.

"Yeah, I told you, remember? You were nervous, I wasn't nervous at all! No, these are my happy tears," said Jarrod.

We can't say we blame them for getting excited. Jarrod and Brandi's shop, Now and Then, closed its doors for a while last year because they couldn't fund it at the time.

We're happy that they're back on their feet now -- and hopefully, they discover more valuable finds as the season goes on.

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