The Cousins' ultimate date nights

HGTV's The Cousins John and Anthony have a few smart ideas that could make your Valentine's Day the best yet. And don't think you have to head to an expensive restaurant: as John explains, "it is not always about just doing a dinner."

Get their tips straight from them:

Says John:

There are a couple of options for Valentine's Day that are not your standard date night. You can do a couple's massage, plan a picnic while hiking or find a sporting activity that you both like. Sometimes you need to think outside the box -- it is not always about just doing a dinner. Try to do something that the two of you have not done before. You get to spend more time together and you can always still do a dinner at night.

If you are going to cook dinner at home, make sure you transform the house into an area that truly makes your partner or date feel special. Get a beautiful set of flowers for your table, set up candles around the area you will be eating in and make sure you have on the right music. You can also go down to florist and request rose petals that you can sprinkle around the home. You do not want to focus on just one area. Make sure you are setting up the living space as well as the bedroom in the same manner. Have the dinner prepared in advance so you can enjoy yourself with your partner.

Says Anthony:

I like doing simple things that I like to do in my personal life by myself ... if we enjoy them together then there are possibilities. [Things like] walking the Highline [in New York City] with a coffee at sunset, riding my motorcycle through the various boroughs with no particular destination, cooking together and walking the bridges over the East River. The over-the-top dates come once you know there is something there that's real.

There is only one thing that makes a date GREAT ... it's the people that are on it.

There are no "off limits" for me ... I am who I am and I want the other person to see that. [I want them to see] my stupid humor, passion for architecture and food and that sometimes I order another appetizer for dessert. That is what makes us who we are. And I want to see the same from my date. There is nothing worse than thinking you are dating someone you aren't. Be yourself.

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