Man says he 'can't believe' family is alive after crash

Man Says He 'Can't Believe' Family Is Alive After Crash
Man Says He 'Can't Believe' Family Is Alive After Crash

A semi-truck crushed a family's car in Kentucky after the car became lodged underneath it -- a scene that looks impossible for anyone to walk away from. Incredibly, though, every single person lived.

"It's just a miracle," crash survivor Jackie Cunningham told WCPO.

"I can't believe, really, that we're alive," Cunningham's fiance and fellow passenger Charles Mitchell said.

"I don't know how anybody walked away from this alive," Cunningham said.

Thankfully, the four family members in the car had only minor injuries. Their dog Bubba, who was also with them, was completely unscathed.

It's unclear who was at fault in the crash, but to make matters worse, the semi was a sewage tanker filled with feces. The crash happened near the Brent Spence Bridge.

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