Man fixated on his cell phone doesn't realize a whale is beneath him

Man Distracted By Phone Misses Whale Only Feet Away From Him
Man Distracted By Phone Misses Whale Only Feet Away From Him

Many of us have a habit of constantly toying with our phones, and that sometimes leads to missing what's going on around us -- but rarely does checking your phone mean you're missing a potentially once-in-a-lifetime sight. Unless you're this dude, of course.

A photo making the rounds on Instagram shows the top half of a humpback whale reaching above the water's surface. It's a beautiful image -- but the background is getting just as much attention as the whale.

In the groan-worthy photo, a man glued to his smartphone sits on the sailboat. What makes it so interesting and baffling is that the man is just feet away from the spot where a whale is surfacing.

The shot was captured by photographer Eric Smith near Redondo Beach, California. That area is known for whale watching.

Smith said he snapped about five pictures of whales with the same boat in the vicinity, and in each image the man's eyes are trained on his phone.

The photographer acknowledged that he too was guilty of looking at his phone quite a bit, but pointed out that oftentimes beautiful moments are missed due to our obsession with the beloved devices.

Speaking of wild animal news, did you hear that the 'loneliest orca' is potentially going to be set free? Lolita, a killer whale, has spent the last near half-century in captivity, and currently resides at the Miami Seaquarium in Florida.

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