Connecticut woman's obituary included her last joke

Connecticut Woman's Obituary Included Her Last Joke
Connecticut Woman's Obituary Included Her Last Joke

For many folks it seems writing their own obituaries is a great way to get the last laugh. A Fairfield, Connecticut, woman's tall tale from beyond has elicited the amused reactions she had hoped for when she was alive.

The obituary published in the Connecticut Post stated that Norma R. Brewer, age 83, died while trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak.

It also added that the suspected cause of death was from hypothermia after her dog Mia ate her "warm winter boots and socks."

Mrs. Brewer actually died of a stroke and had been bound to a wheelchair for over a year.

Her daughter, Donna Brewer, reflects that her mother told many stories that weren't true but made her laugh.

She calls it "typical mom" and goes on to say, "People who don't know my mother are bemused. People who know my mother are laughing and saying, 'Yeah, that's Norma.'"

The late Mrs. Brewer wrote the obituary including the mountain climbing tale with a friend 11 years ago.

The family, who has received several calls about the strange story, confirms that all the other details in the obituary are correct.

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