Calif. woman files suit claiming boss sent sexually charged texts

Calif. Woman Files Suit Claiming Boss Sent Sexually Charged Texts
Calif. Woman Files Suit Claiming Boss Sent Sexually Charged Texts

A San Diego woman is filing a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming sexual harassment.

Lydia Fuller met Robert English, head of marketing for a Sixt Rent A Car franchise, while she was bartending. Fuller says English then sent her some sexual text messages, which she ignored.

English eventually offered Fuller a job in sales, which she says she accepted after he said the sex talk would stop -- but she says that it quickly started back up again.

According to KGTV, "A few months in the job, Fuller says English sent her video of him next to a topless woman on a boat."

"To me it was telling me if I was more responsive, I would benefit," Fuller told the station.

After she made it clear she wasn't interested, she says English cut her pay in half.

Fuller says she went to the owner of the company after seeing English harass other female employees. When the owner discovered Fuller had spoken to an attorney, she says he fired her.

Fuller has now filed a lawsuit against English, the owner and the company. She told KGTV she wants to send a good message to her four daughters.

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