8 genius V-Day gift ideas from The Cousins' John Colaneri

"A card that is personalized goes a long way," shares John Colaneri from HGTV's The Kitchen Cousins. "When your write something from the heart the person knows how special they are to you." But when you need something more than a great card, John's your idea man.

Here are his top 8 picks for great V-Day gifts:

  1. Don't just get roses. Take it to the next level and make sure the florist is making an arrangement that speaks to your partner's likes in flowers.

  2. If you can get away for the weekend do it! Plan a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast where the two of you can just get away.

  3. If you are in a pinch and not sure, you can always fall back on jewelry. It is the one gift everyone loves.

  4. A watch would be a great gift because it is something she will get a ton of use out of and constantly wear.

  5. Spice up your nights by getting her some lingerie. It is beneficial for both parties!

  6. Don't just get her any piece of jewelry. Personalize it and have it engraved so it is something she will never forget.

  7. If there is one thing woman love it is bags! You cannot go wrong with a designer bag that she will constantly use.

  8. A pair of shoes goes a long way. Step out of the box and surprise her with a pair that she has always wanted.

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