Video claims to show ISIS terrorists burning pilot alive


ISIS terrorists have reportedly burned alive the Jordanian pilot being held captive.

Muath al-Kasasbeh is shown in the video being set on fire while inside a cage, according to multiple media reports. The horrific slaying came only two days after Jordanian authorities insisted all Islamic State prisoners held in the country would be executed.

Those prisoners are set to be executed by nightfall, Sky News Arabia is reporting.

Jordan's government has confirmed the pilot's death and state-run television is claiming al-Kasabeh may have been killed as long as one month ago, possibly on January 3, according to the AFP.

Footage reviewed by AOL News purports to show militants, dressed in desert-style camouflage and wearing sand-colored masks, setting fire to a line of flammable material leading to the cage.

The captured man stoically stands in the enclosure wearing only an orange robe that appears to be doused in gasoline.

He is immediately engulfed in a massive fire ball, his anguished screams can be clearly heard.

The insurgents let him burn for several minutes, until his skin is charred black, before an excavator dumps a load of concrete and sand on top of the cage to both extinguish the fire and finish off the grisly killing.

This is by far the most graphic execution video published by the Islamic State. It marks a gradual escalation from footage going dark just before killings and showing severed heads sitting on top of bodies to now showing the actual murders.

A video made public last month showed a young boy shooting dead two prisoners at point blank range.

The chilling snuff film then claims ISIS will pay 100 gold Dinars to anyone who kills a Jordanian Air Force pilot.

A list of those believed to be taking part in bombing raids is then shown along with the pilot's pictures.

The grisly video comes only days after two Japanese nationals were executed by the terrorists.

It has been condemned by leaders around the world.

U.S. President Barack Obama said the video is "one more indication of viciousness and barbarity of this organization."

Jordan's King Abdullah has cut short a visit to the U.S. Capitol and is said to be heading home to deal with the crisis.