The unexpected complications of traveling as a trans-gender

Transgender Travelers Are Still Facing Extreme Discrimination

Traveling has continued to be a struggle for the trans community. Many trans-people are subjected to discrimination and extra scrutiny when traveling.

Personal appearance, prosthetic devices, and other transformed aspects of identity are under increased close examination. This has commonly initiated travel anxiety within the trans-gender community.

Problems often arise when the physical anatomy doesn't match official identification documents. Unfortunately these situations can often escalate from misunderstanding and into disrespect, discrimination, and even violence.

Traveling can creates less than ideal situations. Often trans-genders have to out themselves as trans and often very publicly. While the obstacles are marginally disappearing, there is still a lot of progress to be made. As more and more trans-genders are out, travel officials are becoming more comfortable and experienced handling these situations as smoothly and professionally as possible. Many hope that more transgendered people will join the TSA for a more accurate reflection of the population.

People who travel all the time learn some tricks to facilitate through it. Remain calm and don't hesitate for a supervisor. It is critical to remain respectful. You deserve the same respect as any other traveller who paid to be on the flight. The National Center for Gender Equality's website also offers tips and helpful travel guides.

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The unexpected complications of traveling as a trans-gender

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