Rob Gronkowski on Super Bowl brawl: Screw it, I'm throwing haymakers (Video)

Gronkowski: 'It Means Everything'
Gronkowski: 'It Means Everything'

Super Bowl XLIX is still on everyone's mind due to the fact it was filled with drama and layered with excitement from start to finish.

One of the the talking points was a brawl that broke out with seconds remaining in the game. The Patriots had the game in hand. All that was needed was one final kneel down to run out the clock.

As they were attempting to do this, the Seahawks fired off the line and the brawl began. It added another dimension of drama to a game that wasn't lacking intensity.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski went on Jimmy Kimmel last night and shed some light on how he saw the brawl from his end.

At first, Gronk didn't remember throwing a swing, but Kimmel humorously assured him that he was definitely guilty of the offence. Rob Gronkowski was shown a video of the incident and seemed surprised and found it funny.

"Roger that wasn't me, don't fine me"- Gronk joke addressed to the League Commissioner Roger Goodell.

When Kimmel pressed the issue further, Gronk had this to say about the incident.

"They went hard at us and then I got pushed or something and I was like 'screw it' last game of the year, I'm throwing some haymakers"

Rob Gronkowski, ladies and gentlemen.

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