LeBron on Johnny Manziel: 'I want him to get better'

Manziel Enters Treatment
Manziel Enters Treatment

Johnny Manziel checked himself into rehab after a very troubling rookie NFL season with the Cleveland Browns, and there is major concern within the organization about whether or not he can be a reliable quarterback option moving forward.

LeBron James is among those concerned about the Browns' young quarterback, and made it clear that he supports him and hopes he gets better following this latest chapter.

"I haven't talked to him," James said. "I found out about the information when you guys found out about it. If it's a guy that's seeking help, as a friend I support him. I want him to get better. With his friends and family, we all believe in him, and I think this is a good step."

If there is a person that could take Manziel under his wing and mentor him, it would be James. He is perhaps the biggest icon in the sports world at this point in time, and has been more than willing to help young athletes if they ask him for help.

One example of that would be giving advice to New York Giants rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on how to handle the increased fame and how to become the best in a sport.

Cleveland has some big decisions to make moving forward this coming offseason. Do they try to bring in another quarterback in free agency or the draft? Do they simply re-sign Hoyer and hope that Manziel can figure things out?

No matter what they decide to do, Manziel's future is very much in doubt with the way that he handled himself last year. But more so than his playing career -- which is wildly unimportant at this moment -- this is about Manziel getting better and finding the support and help he is choosing to seek.

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