How one campaign is using butt jiggling to inspire women

Real Women Jiggle, Sweat and Inspire in 'This Girl Can' Campaign

A couple weeks into your new year's resolution to get in shape and starting to lose motivation? A British athletic organization is out with a video to inspire every woman to get moving, no matter what.

Sport England says when it asked British women who said sport and exercise wasn't for them about the reasons why, a recurring theme was the fear of being judged: on their size, their fitness, or their skills.

So the organization launched a campaign called "This Girl Can," with a video showing women of all sizes, all ages, who may not look nothing like the impossibly toned models on glossy fitness magazines, but are working out, having fun, and kicking some butt.

And even if their own butt is jiggling - who cares? All this jiggling is just making these women stronger - just like some smudged makeup or a face-full of sweat. Whether they're swimming laps or spinning bikes or punching bags or dancing their lungs out - these women are powerful, inspirational, unstoppable.

Similes moving from, 'sweating like a pig' to, 'looking like a fox' are clever, but then making it about looks? I thought the point was, it doesn't matter what you look like?

There's nothing wrong with looking hot, but encouraging the same judgement that dissuades so many women from sport in the first place? Is not.

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How one campaign is using butt jiggling to inspire women

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