Hares take over North Dakota neighborhood

Sufferin' Jackrabbits! Hares Take Over Neighborhood
Sufferin' Jackrabbits! Hares Take Over Neighborhood

Hares have taken over a Fargo, North Dakota, neighborhood.

"It's been about three months of them. Right away, I thought they were really cute, and now they're becoming a big nuisance," Kayla Straabe told WDAY.

Local authorities have said they can't do anything about the problem because the hares are considered wild.

Straabe told us on Facebook it started with just a couple of hares a few months ago, but now there are more than 100. She says they camp out at a park behind her house and leave droppings everywhere.

That is a danger, as humans should steer clear of wild animal feces for health reasons. And since they're at a park, kids may end up handling the droppings or eat them.

WDAY says officials told those who complained that poison is an option, but since the jackrabbits are near a park, some, including Straabe, don't feel that's safe.

A Fargo police lieutenant told ABC the city has no ordinance on depopulating rabbits because they are considered to be wild animals.

So it seems their only option is to simply face it and live with their multiplying neighbors.

This video includes images and video from Facebook / Kayla Straabe.

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