Dead prosecutor was drafting arrest warrant for Argentine president


The prosecutor murdered last month in Argentina was reportedly planning to have the country's president arrested.

Alberto Nisman was found dead January 18 in his home, a draft of an arrest warrant for President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was then found in his trash, according to the New York Times.

The 26-page document wanted Kirchner and an accomplice, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, brought into custody for shielding Iranian officials from responsibility in the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish Center, sources told the paper.

Nisman was apparently found murdered from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to earlier reports. His slaying came only one day before was set to present his findings on Kirchner and Timerman to Argentina's Congress.

Both Kirchner and Timerman have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but the prosecutor's death raised more than a few questions. The revelation he had drafted an arrest warrant for the duo will only further raise the world's collective eyebrows.

A political analyst who spoke to the Times claimed the testimony "would have provoked a crisis without precedents in Argentina ... a scandal on a level previously unseen."