Yes, Dame Helen Mirren rides the subway


Helen Mirren has won countless awards as an actress -- and we'd like to give her one for a new reason: Being normal.

Here she is joining the rest of New York riding the subway on Thursday night. The 69-year-old was caught on the R train downtown showing proper subway etiquette - or at least as best she can with that coat. Unlike the man sitting next to her manspreading.

A few subway commuters tweeted their excitement.

While others just couldn't believe the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire would take public transportation and concluded it must be the best doppelganger ever. But no New Yorkers it was, in fact, Dame Helen Mirren.

We've seen some unlikely stars catch rides underground before.

Diva Mariah Carey wasn't trying too hard to blend in when she sat down in this gown last year.

Nick Offerman was on the C train in December ...

And Drew Barrymore not only on the subway but doing her make up and nails!

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