'The hunt is over' for happy couple whose engagement pic went viral

The hunt is finally over for an Oregon couple -- and their engagement photo says it all.

The photo features bride-to-be Stevie Beard holding a hunting rifle as her future hubby Brady Hogevoll hangs by his ankles upside down from a tractor. It may not scream 'romance' to you, but it's the perfect pic for the happy couple.

 Joshua Rainey
Joshua Rainey

The image went viral after the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation posted it to Facebook on January 24th and it has over 163,000 likes so far.

Photographer Joshua Rainey took the photo on the groom's parents' 150-acre property along the Siletz River where the family sometimes uses the land for Make-A-Wish elk hunts.

Beard is a dental hygienist and Hogevoll is a tugboat captain. The love birds (or should we say love elk? known each other since they were 9 years old.

The couple is set to wed in September, and we can't wait to see how they top these photos at the wedding.

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