Man walks 21 miles to and from work daily

Man Walks 21 Miles To Work Every Day
Man Walks 21 Miles To Work Every Day

If this story doesn't give you just a little more faith in humanity, we don't know what will.James Robertson, 56, might possibly be the hardest working man in America. He loves his job at a factory so much that he walks 21 miles every day just to get to it...and then when he clocks out, he walks another 21 miles to his home in Detroit. That's almost two marathons every day! He is only able to catch a bus for a few miles before it stops heading towards Rochester Hills where the factory is located.

He's been making that trip every day for 10 years, though he didn't always have to. He used to drive a 1988 Honda Accord until it broke down beyond repair. And on $10.55 an hour, he hasn't been able to afford a car since.

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He told the Detroit Free Press, "It's extremely tiring, there's no question about it. But there's also the will to do it. By the time Friday comes, you are mentally and physically drained."

But that could soon change. When people began hearing about his story, a GoFundMe campaign was set up to help him raise money for a car. So far, people have donated more than $44,000.

The page explains, "Every trip is an ordeal of mental and physical toughness for this soft-spoken man with a perfect attendance record at work. And every day is a tribute to how much he cares about his job, his boss and his coworkers. Robertson's daunting walks and bus rides, in all kinds of weather, also reflect the challenges some metro Detroiters face in getting to work in a region of limited bus service, and where car ownership is priced beyond the reach of many."

You can check out more of his story at and the Detroit Free Press.

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