Feuding families, Hatfields and McCoys, unite to make moonshine

Hatfields, McCoys Unite To Make Moonshine
Hatfields, McCoys Unite To Make Moonshine

If there's one thing that can bring people together, it's alcohol. A distillery in southern West Virginia run by once-feuding families is proof of that.

The Hatfields and McCoys -- yes, the real ones -- have teamed up to legally make and sell moonshine not far from where the two families once challenged, betrayed ... and even murdered one another.

The trouble began around the 1870s over a stolen pig and escalated from there. Within 10 years at least 12 people died as a result of a shooting war. Fortunately, the violent battles ended by 1900 -- and more than 100 years later, a truce was signed.

The Hatfield and McCoy history is so notorious, it was turned into a mini-series starring Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner and featured several relatives. It was also featured in a musical comedy dinner show in Tennessee.

Now, more than a century after the bloody raids, direct descendants of the families have united to bring back an old home-brewed family recipe.

They told the Associated Press, "I'll be honest. It's just kind of crazy. We never dreamed that it was ever going to be anything like this."

Getting along has its perks. They're currently making almost $100,000 a month off the moonshine and are talking with investors.

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