Alpine cable car turned into luxury lodging on Airbnb

Alpine Cable Car Turned Into Luxury Lodging
Alpine Cable Car Turned Into Luxury Lodging

Alpine cable cars generally conjure images of simple, fairly utilitarian pods trailing up alongside a beautiful snow-capped mountain. One cable car in the French Alps town of Courchevel has been decked out into a fully furnished room with two beds that can accommodate up to four people.

This exclusive opportunity is part of lodging rental site Airbnb's 'A Night At' series where entrants can win a 24-hour stay in an unconventional location. Previous sites have included a famous department store and an airplane. The cable car will be suspended for the night at 9,000 feet which overlooks La Saulire, the highest point in Courchevel. In addition to the one-night stay, other perks will include a grand arrival on snowmobiles, and dinner and wine.

To enter the contest, participants are asked to submit a 100 word or less pitch about why they should be chosen. The winner, who can invite up to three guests, will be determined based on the originality and creativity of the submission as well as an expression of 'spirit' in relation to the mountain itself.

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