11-year-old student says he was recorded on his way to school

Student Says He Was Recorded on His Way to School
Student Says He Was Recorded on His Way to School

An 11-year-old was riding his bike to school in Roeland Park, Kansas, when police say he was followed by a stranger.

"According to police, the man was videotaping the child as he followed him to school. Now police officers are looking for any tips regarding this incident," the KSHB reporter said.

The unidentified boy's school did release a letter to parents letting them know about the incident. It read, in part:

"No verbal or physical contact was made as the student continued on the way to school. The student followed safety procedures and reported the incident immediately."

WDAF spoke to an officer who talked to the 11-year-old:

"He was scared when I contacted him. The principal and the child both approached me. ... He seemed to be pretty shocked about what happened," John DeMoss of the Roeland Park police told WDAF.

Shawnee Mission Schools told WDAF there were multiple reports like this in a week. The station reports two of the incidents might even be related, as they both involved following a child and recording or taking photos of him or her.

"It's very scary, to be honest with you. With as much stuff going on today, you just never know," a man who has family at Roeland Park Elementary School told KCTV.

"I got terrified because I usually walk home alone," one student told the station.

Police in several Kansas cities are investigating the various incidents.

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