Super Bowl 2015: Seattle Seahawks themed cocktail ideas

Fans Get Excited as Super Bowl Nears
Fans Get Excited as Super Bowl Nears

With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday putting the New England Patriots up against the dark horse Seattle Seahawks, football fans across the country are stocking up on chips, salsa, and plenty of beer. You might want to add a few cocktail ingredients to the grocery list after this slideshow though.

To help with your Super Bowl festivities this coming Sunday, we have curated a few Seattle Seahawks themed cocktails that are sure to leave you and your guests thirsty for more (but not too much. Drink responsibly after all). You'll be able to leave a little class in your Super Bowl game, because who likes pounding back crappy light beers all day anyway?

A little treat for you because you're gonna want a drink no matter what team wins. Whether you're a fan of the team or not, there is one thing that can be agreed on: you'll love these cocktails.

1. 12th Man Margarita

This delicious margarita is appropriately named for the Seahawks' famously raucous and excited fans. It is one part sour, one part sweet, and all awesome. Sure to be a crowd favorite at your Super Bowl party.


1 3/4 ounces of Jose Cuervo Gold
3/4 ounce Blue Curacao
Sweet and sour mix
One lime


Squeeze half a lime into a cocktail mixer filled with ice, add the Jose Cuervo and Curacao, topping it all off with the sweet and sour mix. Shake the mix and strain it into a margarita glass over ice. Remember to salt the rim! Garnish with lime (bonus points if you use a knife to make a little football out of the lime).

2. The Seahawk Swizzle

Here's a fun cocktail that's light, refreshing, and will leave your guests begging for more. With pineapple juice and peach schnapps, it's a fruity sweet cocktail, which will make it popular to even the most casual of cocktail drinkers. It is sure to leave any Seahawk fan satisfied.


8 ounces vodka
8 ounces peach schnapps
4 ounces Blue Curacao
2 ounces pineapple juice
splash sour mix


Mix everything into a blender and blend that mother until it's nice and frothy. Pour over ice in your run-of-the-mill highball glasses or you can even strain it into cocktail glasses if you want to be really classy this Sunday. This recipe serves four.

3. Beast Mode Vodka

In a tribute to the Seahawks' unstoppable running back Marshawn Lynch, might just get the better of you.

Made with Skittles to compliment the vodka, this fiendishly sweet drink will have you going back for more and more when before you know it you are laid out on the ground like so many of Lynch's victims. No kidding. It's that good. Drink responsibly though.


12 ounces vodka
1/2 cup blue or green Skittles


Put all your vodka and your Skittles into a mason jar or a cocktail mixer. Cover and shake until all of the color on the Skittles has dissolved. Strain into another bottle, and serve over ice in a highball glass. Alternatively, you can put the mixture back into a cocktail mixer, shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

4. The Hauschka Sour

In a cocktail inspired by the Seattle Seahawk's place kicker Steven Hauschka, this frothy drink utilizes the use of egg whites to give it's thick texture. Don't be scared though. As long as you keep your eggs in a refrigerated area and make sure that you don't leave them out for too long before you use them, your egg whites should not pose a health issue (but like everything else, exercise caution when working with volatile ingredients such as eggs).


1 1/2 ounces gin
3/4 ounce lime juice
3/4 ounce sour apple liqueur
1/2 ounce Art in the Age sage liqueur
1/4 ounce simple syrup
1 egg white
Sage leaf garnish

Mix all of the ingredients into a cocktail mixer and shake for ten seconds. Then add ice and shake again for another ten seconds. Strain that sucker into cocktail glass and garnish with a sage leaf if you really want to be hoity toity about it.

5. The "You Mad, Bro?"

In honor of Richard Sherman's taunt to Tom Brady after the Seahawk's trouncing of the Patriots in a game last year, this drink will fit in well if you have fans from both teams at the house. Though fans of the Pat's probably are still a little sore about the incident, they'll have to swallow their pride if they want to swallow some of this delicious cocktail.


1 1/2 ounces silver tequila
1/2 ounce Blue Curacao
1/4 ounce agave syrup
1/4 ounce green Chartreuse
tamped mint sprigs

Mix all the ingredients into a cocktail mixer and shake. Strain into a bucket glass over crushed ice. Add soda water and float the chartreuse on the top.

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