'The Biggest Loser' finale settled by one pound difference

'The Biggest Loser' Finale Settled by One Pound Difference
'The Biggest Loser' Finale Settled by One Pound Difference

It was the finale on "The Biggest Loser" Thursday night, and the winner was ... Toma!

"Oh My God! By one pound! Toma, you did it by a pound congratulations!"

Yes, the former soccer player started the competition at 336 pounds, but at the finale it was revealed he lost over half of his total body weight - 171 pounds!

But what's truly shocking is that he only won ... by one pound.

That's right, second place Sonya Jones also lost over half her bodyweight - from 283 down to 144 pounds. But her overall weight loss came in just under Toma's.

A writer with People notes this is a big step in the right direction for Toma, who ballooned to his peak weight after his father passed away and moved home to take care of his mother.

After the news broke the response on Twitter congratulating Toma was pretty overwhelming, as dozens of tweets were sent out.

As for us, we'd like to throw in our congratulations too, but also to Sonya. It can't feel too good to lose $250,000 and the title, but it's got to feel good to shed that weight. Congrats, Sonya!

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