Extreme body modifications at tattoo expo

Extreme Body Modifications At Tattoo Expo
Extreme Body Modifications At Tattoo Expo

The Venezuela Tattoo International Expo could have been mistaken for a Halloween party, the set of a Hollywood vampire movie or even your mother's worst nightmare. Instead, it's a four day event where the inked and pierced showed off their body modifications.

Attendees came from across the globe to the event in Caracas that is one of the largest expos in the world. From standard tattoos to implants, dye injections and dental work, the modifications ran the gamut from basic to extreme.

The tattooed included Mary Jose Cristerna, dubbed 'Vampire Woman,' thanks to dental modification, a man called 'Red Skull' with dyed eyes, and Kala Kaiwi, a man who holds the record for the largest non-surgically stretched ear lobes.

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