Meteorologist's brilliant response to weather map error goes viral

Meteorologist's Brilliant Response To Weather Map Error Goes Viral
Meteorologist's Brilliant Response To Weather Map Error Goes Viral

The weather in Arizona is famously warm, sunny and dependable. Meteorologists may at times have some scorching triple digit temperatures to report, but that's typically as bad as it gets. Well, not long ago and for what was quite likely the first time in his career, Fox 10 weatherman Cory McCloskey delivered a forecast that was truly apocalyptic. When doing his regular segment the electronic map he was using as a reference went berserk and all sorts of crazy readings started popping up.

McCloskey very calmly reported that it was 750 degrees in Gila Bend at the moment. That appeared to be one of the lower in the region. Undaunted, he moved onto Wickenberg which, at 2 thousand 3 hundred and 85 degrees, he declared a "total loss" and advised that people "just get out."

In regards to Cave Creek's nearly 3 thousand degree reading McCloskey said, "I think steel boils at about this temperature ... there's probably nothing left there. So don't even bother looting."

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