LeBron James offers a lifetime of lame wristbands to young fan

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been rolling of late. They have won eight straight games. Last night they did it behind the great performance from Kyrie Irving. He put up 55 points on the Blazers while LeBron was not participating in the game because of a wrist injury.

Here is some of the highlights from Kyrie in the game.

While Kyrie was prepping to drop 55 on the Blazers, LeBron was on his Facebook looking to offer a young fan a lifetime supply of plastic goods.

A lifetime supply of plastic wrist bands? That is what you are looking to give as a gift to this little fan? You could have given the kid an autographed jersey and that would have been so much more meaningful than a lifetime supply of wristbands.

It is the thought that counts? Beggers can't be choosers?

Choose whatever phrase you want to use, but that gift is still pretty lame.

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