'Idol' contestant takes on Beyonce, blows judges away

Did the Next 'American Idol' Sing for the Judges Wednesday?
Did the Next 'American Idol' Sing for the Judges Wednesday?

On Wednesday night's episode of "American Idol," a wildly talented 16-year-old stunned the judges and had many wondering if they had already found the show's next winner.

"I thought I could forgive you and I know you changed. As much as I wanna trust you, I know it ain't the same," sang Maddy Hudson on "American Idol."

Yes, Maddy Hudson took on Beyonce's "Resentment" and totally killed it.

Jennifer Lopez claimed the performance gave her "goosies" and, after Maddy left the room, said she believes the California teen has the ability to win the entire competition. Whoa!

And Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. were just as amazed. Harry even told Maddy, "You have all of the ingredients to really be a superstar."

Maddy almost couldn't hold back her tears as the judges gushed over her unique style and gorgeous pipes.

And we can't say we blame her - we'd be a little overwhelmed too if three of the biggest names in music were showering us with compliments.

But the judges weren't the only ones who fell in love with Maddy Hudson Wednesday night.

Hollywood Life raved, "I have no idea how she's only 16. I can absolutely see her making it very far through this."

And a writer for Bustle definitely agreed. "If the California native can win over America the way she won over me and the judges, she's sure to make it to the finale and will have a long career ahead of her."

Well, one thing's for sure - we can't wait to see how Maddie fares in Hollywood.

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BTW, did you hear Carlos Santana's nephew last week? Judges fell in love even before they knew:

Carlos Santana's Nephew Wows Judges on 'American Idol'
Carlos Santana's Nephew Wows Judges on 'American Idol'