Dog's heartbreaking reaction to the loss of his best friend

Heartbreaking Video Shows Dogs Really Do Have Emotions
Heartbreaking Video Shows Dogs Really Do Have Emotions

A devastated dog owner captured the heart-wrenching moment his rottweiler, Brutus, refused to leave the side of his lifeless twin brother, Hank.

Washington state resident Brett Bennett says his rottweiler Hank (estimated to be around ten years old), died in his sleep last Tuesday. When his brother Brutus realized he was dead, he started crying and refused to move.

According to the Daily Mail, Bennett adopted both dogs from a rescue shelter and they rarely left each other's sides.

"This is about 30 minutes after we woke up and were missing our baby. I normally don't video record my real life catastrophes or share but decided I needed to send a message to the world and show how much pain my dog was in as he loved his Twin so much :'(," uploader brettvett1 wrote.

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