Comcast changes customer's billing name to profanity

Comcast Changes Customer's Billing Name To Profanity
Comcast Changes Customer's Billing Name To Profanity

When a couple in Spokane, Washington opened up their monthly statement, they saw the first name of the account holder had been replaced with the word 'asshole'.

The bill came after Lisa Brown called Comcast customer service and asked to cancel her cable due to financial problems. She was informed a 60 dollar fee would be tacked onto her bill for canceling. When an agreement couldn't be reached, her call was directed to a retention specialist, who attempted to sign her up for another 2 year contract.

She wasn't willing to accept the offer and then the family's bill showed up with the offending name change. Lisa attempted to rectify the situation with phone calls and even a visit to her local Comcast office but the nasty name still wasn't removed from her account.

When the story started spreading, Lisa was contacted by Comcast and offered a 2-year refund. The company also apologized publicly for the incident and said an investigation is underway to determine what happened.

Last year, another interaction got widespread media coverage when tech writer Ryan Block wanted to cancel his Comcast service.

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