Was Blackbeard a caring pirate?

Was Blackbeard a Caring Pirate?
Was Blackbeard a Caring Pirate?

Blackbeard worked hard to develop his bad boy persona -- but a new discovery shows Blackbeard may have been the type of guy to steal your treasure chest, but then throw on the 'Notebook' for a good cry.

Medical supplies discovered in his sunken flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, suggest that the infamous pirate treated his crew well. The ship ran aground near North Carolina in 1718 and sunk.

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Now researchers are excavating the vessel, and examining the items to figure out whether Blackbeard was the type of guy who would write his mom a letter on her birthday.

The researchers from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources have uncovered medical supplies -- like a mortar and pestle -- that suggest the captain went to great lengths to keep his crew happy and healthy.

With a pirate like Blackbeard, there is a lot of lore and tall tales, so it's tough to figure out what's real and what's nonsense -- but right now, we can guess his pirating getup was made of boyfriend material.

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