Tom Brady Sr.: Son's career with Patriots will 'end badly'

Tom Brady Sr.: Son's career with Patriots will 'end badly'

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are preparing to take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49 on Sunday, and the quarterback is coming off of yet another MVP-caliber regular season.

There was a point early on in the year that Brady looked old and the Patriots looked washed up, but they figured things out and got back to playing dominant football. New England and Seattle are very equal teams, and there is no clear favorite heading into the game. It will all depend on which team can execute their game plans better.

All of that being said, Brady's father is beginning to look ahead into the future and sees a bad ending for his son in New England.

"It will end badly," Brady Sr. said. "It does end badly. And I know that because I know what Tommy wants to do. He wants to play till he's 70. ... It's a cold business. And for as much as you want it to be family, it isn't."

Obviously playing until he's 70 is a bit of an overstatement, but Brady would like to play into his 40s. New England was already being pushed by fans and analysts to be open to a trade of their star quarterback earlier this season after a slow start. As much history as Brady and the Patriots have, Bill Belichick probably wouldn't hesitate to cut Brady if it meant the team getting better.

Throughout his 15-year career with the Patriots, Brady has racked up some very impressive numbers. He has thrown for 53,258 yards, 392 touchdowns, and 143 interceptions. There is no question that he is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, and has another chance to improve his legacy with another Super Bowl win.

New England wouldn't have had even close to the success that they have had unless Brady was on their side. He has been an impressive leader throughout his career, and is the definition of a star quarterback.

Brady Sr. might end up being correct, but hopefully his son will see the writing on the wall and retire before it comes to that. The Patriots are going to keep Brady around as long as he is still leading them to successful season, but the second that changes they could look to move on.

Only time will tell how things will end between Brady and the Patriots, but hopefully they can mutually agree when it's time to call it quits.

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