Police find hunter who survived in swamp with just water for days

Police Find Hunter Who Survived In Swamp With Just Water For Days
Police Find Hunter Who Survived In Swamp With Just Water For Days

A hunter who went missing in Louisiana has been found safe. 42-year-old Robert Varnado was witnessed in the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area on Thursday, but disappeared shortly thereafter, according to USA Today.

Varnado had been with a friend, Jason Rosier, as the two had planned on searching for a potential presence of hogs and hunting spots. They separated and agreed to meet at their shared camp, however a rough storm moved into the area and prevented Varnado from finding his way back to the location.

When Saturday rolled around, Rosier became very concerned and alerted police of his friend's disappearance. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office quickly organized searches that used boats, ATVs and K-9s.

On Tuesday afternoon, searchers spotted him. A sheriff's office team was in a boat looking for Varnado when they saw him on a river bank. He was thirsty and hungry but aside from that, his physical condition is good overall, according to The New Orleans Advocate.

One of the deputies had just bought lunch from McDonald's and decided to give that meal to Varnado, as he had survived on river and rain water for days.

Sheriff Jack Strain remarked, "I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this ordeal, and we are all very thankful that Mr. Varnado was found alive and well. I can only imagine what he endured in that swamp for six days in the cold and at times very rainy weather."

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