Lottery winner says he's lucky to be alive

Lottery Winner Says He's Lucky to Be Alive
Lottery Winner Says He's Lucky to Be Alive

A Quad City man, who won a life-changing lottery jackpot, says he is just lucky to be alive.

Steve Anthony, 58, bought a ten-dollar scratch-off ticket at Christopher D's bar in Moline on New Year's Eve, and he won a million bucks.

"I kept seeing zeros. I was shaking so bad," he said.

Anthony is a ten-year survivor of throat cancer.

"I was stage four, and here I am today. The Lord's been good to me," he said after accepting a ceremonial check from the Illinois Lottery at the bar on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Anthony chose a $600,000 lump sum payment.

"I'm going to take care of my parents, do some traveling, and just kind of enjoy," he said, adding he thinks his first trip will be to see the Cubs at Spring training in Arizona.

Bar owner Curt Spillum gets $10,000 for selling the winning scratch-off ticket, but he came close to splitting the prize with Anthony, his friend and handyman.

"We were scratching all day together. He went to the boat. I went up to bed and he came back and bought two more tickets and won the money. I didn't sleep for three days," Spillum said.

After Anthony's life-changing windfall, he says he has already heard from a couple of people from the past.

"From twenty years ago, wanting me to invest in their company," he said adding, he has no problem saying no to requests for loans right now.

But, he says, being cancer-free, debt-free, and single, is a win-win when it comes to the ladies.

"Nothing wrong with that," he said.

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