Huge squids 'talk' to each other ... using colors

Watch Huge Squids 'Talking' to Each Other
Watch Huge Squids 'Talking' to Each Other

Humboldt squid can grow to six feet long, and appear to have no fear of humans. They may also communicate with each other by rapidly changing their color from red to white and back to red. (Makes all your text messages seem pretty basic now, huh?)

The speed of this "flashing" varies, and each flash apparently sends different messages. The one problem? Scientists still don't know what they're trying to say. To decode this bizarre language of sorts, researchers mounted "National Geographic Crittercams" on three Humboldt squids for the first time.

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The squid can also flicker like a broken computer screen, using special skin cells to produce waves of red and white across their body. This may be a form of camouflage, mimicking patterns of sunlight hitting the water.

The researchers also believe this arm flailing is the squid's attempt to mate.

Looks like red is the color of love under the sea, too.

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