'Zombie cat' digs through grave after being buried for days

Thought-To-Be Dead Cat Digs Through Grave Days After Being Buried
Thought-To-Be Dead Cat Digs Through Grave Days After Being Buried

The old saying that cats have nine lives has been proven once again. A feline in Florida named Bart recently survived being hit by a car. Bart was presumed dead, and his seemingly lifeless body was found by his owner in a pool of blood. He was in the road like many other animals that meet a similar fate.

Ellis Hutson, Bart's owner, retrieved his remains and buried his beloved feline. Five days later however, Bart made an appearance in a neighbor's yard. Bart had dug right through his grave. Vets believe he was unconscious for several days before waking up and clawing his way out of the hole.

Hutson was stunned and realized her still-alive, but very weak cat desperately needed veterinary help. He contacted nearby clinics but was unable to afford the hefty cost of treatment, so he took Bart to the Animal Health Center at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Bart suffered from facial wounds, a broken jaw and a badly injured eye that will require removal surgery. He is expected to survive.

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