Yeti storms Boston as blizzard tightens icy grip on New England

Boston Yeti
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Yeti storms Boston as blizzard tightens icy grip on New England
#BostonYeti2015 loves the snow, but wants everyone to be safe #blizzardof2015 #snowmageddon2015 #juno2015 #yetisafety
@JoeDunn8 School closings also due to multiple #BostonYeti2015 sightings #Snowmageddon2015 #blizzardof2015 #juno2015
Residents in Somerville, Massachusetts are currently dealing with an ongoing blizzard-like storm, and in addition to spotting heaping piles of snow everywhere, some locals have also witnessed an unusual individual roaming the streets.
The Boston Yeti enjoying early #juno2015 #Snowmageddon2015 #blizzardof2015 #BostonYeti2015
Boston Yeti trying to hail cab on McGrath Highway in #Somerville #juno2015 #blizzardof2015 #BostonYeti2015
@BostonYeti2015 thanks for keeping us entertained. Stories about another blizzard are as interesting as deflated footballs these days❄🏈
Remember back when snowstorms weren't the end of the world? They were actually...FUN?! Yeah me too. So does this guy: @BostonYeti2015 #FF
@BostonYeti2015 is my hero
.@BostonYeti2015 There's lots of snow in #PortlandME You should think about traveling North 😃
.@BostonYeti2015 is the best thing to come out of all this snow hype. #TrueFact
If I could do anything today I would be hanging with @BostonYeti2015 trolling Boston.


Some people, believe it or not, like the snow.

A hero dressed as a Yeti has taken to the streets of Boston as the city is being hammered with two to three feet of snow in a historic blizzard.

Pictures of the furry giant have surfaced all over social media as people try to find a lighter side to the crippling snowstorm.

Beantown received about 14 inches of snow through Tuesday afternoon and was expecting another 12 inches or more.

Images of the arctic beast captured him sauntering around the city throughout the night.

The colder and snowier the weather became, the more frequently the pictures showed up online. The yeti's Twitter account has also been trolling the masses freaking out over a snowstorm.

Many take large storms in stride, but many also forget how much fun they may have had on snow days as children -- especially as cable news networks cover every accumulated inch as if it was one step closer to an apocalypse.

The Boston yeti reminds everyone that snow can be fun, even for adults.

Yeti Prowls The Streets Of Boston

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