More than 40 dogs mysteriously missing in Texas county since November

More Than 40 Dogs Mysteriously Missing In Texas County Since November
More Than 40 Dogs Mysteriously Missing In Texas County Since November

Police in Texas are baffled after numerous reports have come in regarding missing dogs. More than 40 canines have disappeared from Wise County in only a matter of months.

In November, the Wise County sheriff was alerted of the first known incident and from there, more and more cases were brought to light.

The dog owners were devastated, and it wasn't long before locals realized there might be something linking the occurrences of missing pooches.

Robin Lewis owns one of the dogs that disappeared at the end of December. While using Facebook, she came across the Lost & Found Pets of Wise County Texas group and detected a troubling trend.

Robin noticed that many pets had gone missing in recent months and that it seemed to start in November. She also learned that two of her neighbor's dogs vanished on the same day her canine, Jack did.

Presently, residents and police are leaning towards the possibility that someone stole the dogs. Sheriff David Walker said that the pets could have been taken for dog fighting, however that's just one potential scenario that isn't supported by evidence.

Currently, there are no solid leads in the cases, but one suspicious car was witnessed in Robin's neighborhood when her dog disappeared.

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