Miley Cyrus goes for a topless dip, Nick Offerman shaves his famous mustache & 10 more stories everyone's buzzing about

1. NSFW! Miley Cyrus goes for a topless dip with boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger.

2. Is that, you Nick Offerman? The "Parks & Rec" star shaved his mustache -- and it's totally mind-blowing.

3. Size-22 model scores a modeling contract and starts a beauty movement.

4. We wish our principal was this cool! See how this head of school announces a snow day.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch says he was an "idiot" for what he said on TV.

6. Oops! Miss USA is getting ridiculed over her answer to a tough question.

7. Police are not happy with Google about a feature that tracks cops' activity.

8. Channing Tatum reunites with a long lost "friend" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

9. Wait, they're friends? Joe Biden surprised Ellen Degeneres for her 57th birthday.

10. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen sizzle in possibly the raciest "GQ" ad ever.

11. Snapchat launches an in-app news service.

12. Victoria's Secret debuts its first Super Bowl ad in seven years.