'I only have 24 hours': Japanese hostage held by ISIS pleads for his life in chilling new video

'I only have 24 hours': Japanese hostage held by ISIS pleads for his life in chilling new video


A Japanese hostage being held by the Islamic State has claimed in a chilling new message that he has only 24 hours to live.

Kenji Goto made the disturbing claim in an audio message posted online by ISIS terrorists. Additionally, a Jordanian pilot being held by the insurgents will be killed, Goto also said.

The only possible way either man will be freed is if a terror suspect currently detained by Jordan's government is released, said Goto, in a YouTube video that shows a still of him in an orange robe while holding a picture of the captive Jordanian.

"I've been told this is my last message, and I've also been told that the barrier of obstructing my freedom is now just the Jordanian government delaying the handover of Sajida," Goto said in English.

"Tell the Japanese government to put all their political pressure on Jordan," he continued. "Time is now running very short.

"It is her for me."

The stunning about-face comes only two days after ISIS demanded a $200 million ransom for the release of Goto and Haruna Yukawa, another Japanese man who has since been beheaded, according to a video released over the weekend.

Goto infamously held a picture of Yukawa's beheaded body in that video.

"[Sajida] has been a prisoner for a decade, and I've only been a prisoner for a few months," Goto explained. "Her for me, a straight exchange.

"Any more delays by the Jordanian government will mean they are responsible for the death of their pilot, which will then be followed by mine," said Goto.

It is not known if the Jordanian government previously knew the terror group was holding their pilot.

The Japanese government previously balked at paying the $200 million ransom but has reportedly considered discussing the prisoner swap with the Jordanian government.

The U.S. government has a well-publicized policy of not negotiating with terrorists, and is not known to have paid any ransom to secure the release of Americans held captive – but prisoner exchanges have occurred, including the release last year of five Guantanamo Bay detainees.

"I only have 24 hours left to live, and the pilot has even less. Please, don't leave us to die," Goto pleads. "Any more delaying tactics will simply see both of us getting killed."

Warning: The below video contains content that may disturb some people