'I killed Veronica ... find her': Chilling text messages sent to family of missing teen



Police are searching for a female suspect believed to be involved in the disappearance of a teen girl who ran away from home to be with her online boyfriend.

Veronica Bobadilla, 16, left her South Carolina home Monday to find Edwin Diaz, from Houston, Texas, according to family. Nicole Williams, from Norcross, Georgia, lives only miles from where she was last believed to have been, according to media reports.

Bobadilla has not been seen by family for more than 24 hours, according to Charleston television station WKYY.

A message sent from her Facebook account to a relative was geotagged in Lilburn, Georgia, according to the station.

"I killed Veronica," the message said, "find her."

Posts to Bobadilla's Facebook page reference Diaz directly.

Williams, who is Facebook friends with both Diaz and Bobadilla, lives only miles from where that message was sent.

An AOL News investigation uncovered the connection Williams had to both Diaz and Bobadilla. Lilburn Police were unaware of her involvement until a request for comment.

"We are now looking to speak with Nicole Williams," Lilburn Police spokesperson Jake Smith told AOL News. Cops wish speak to her in connection with Bobadilla's disappearance.

A Monday evening call to Lilburn police resulted in three uniformed units responding to four separate addresses within the town between 10:00 p.m. Monday night and 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, Smith explained.

No trace of Bobadilla was found, nor was any evidence either of the residences was in any way linked to her disappearance.

Family told WKYY that multiple text messages sent from her phone also claimed she was murdered.

Neither Bobadilla nor Diaz have posted to their Facebook pages in recent days.

AOL News was not able to view postings to Williams' Facebook page.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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