Deputy inadvertently dropped into a bear's nest

LASD Deputy Inadvertently Dropped Into A Bear's Nest
LASD Deputy Inadvertently Dropped Into A Bear's Nest

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department answered a routine call about an abandoned car sighting, but what happened when they arrived was far from typical.

Local station KABC reported that a helicopter was sent to the Angeles National Forest and when they reached the Chantry Flat recreation area they spotted the vehicle. They were in the process of lowering Deputy Ricky Hernandez for a closer look when they spotted a large, adult bear.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to alert the deputy as their radio communication system wasn't working properly. Luckily, the big dangerous creature got a bit frightened by the chopper noise and fled.

Meanwhile, Hernandez went about the task of searching the auto. When he looked inside he got a surprise of his own, though. The interior upholstery had been clawed and torn up and a nest of sorts had been made. Enjoying the environment were 2 or 3 cubs.

The deputy did a quick look around, confirmed that there was nothing suspicious, particularly a dead body, inside, and his team got him out of there quickly.

Going forward, Hernandez plans to always be on watch for bears, even on seemingly ordinary calls.

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