Actress admits drunken night led to super-short haircut

Actress Admits Drunken Night Led to Super-Short Haircut
Actress Admits Drunken Night Led to Super-Short Haircut

Actors and actresses change up their 'dos all the time. Sometimes it's for a role in a TV show or movie ... and sometimes it's because they got really drunk and chopped it off, which is the case for actress Analeigh Tipton.

You might remember her from "America's Next Top Model," or "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

At an event for her latest film, "Mississippi Grind," Tipton told People Magazine she hacked off her own locks while under the influence of alcohol.

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Although Tipton said cutting her own hair last year was "liberating," she added that she had to get her handiwork fixed because of the "giant chops" she took out.

When she first debuted the look, the style was well-received -- unbeknownst to all, it was the end result of being drunk.

It's certainly not the most embarrassing thing a celeb has done while drunk, though.

There was that infamous moment from the 2009 Video Music Awards when Kanye West took it upon himself to interrupt Taylor Swift's acceptance speech -- although we aren't sure he was drunk.

"Just for your whole world to completely crash off of a moment of sincerity or alcohol or whatever it is ... " West later said.

"Usually the alcohol rules out the sincerity," host Ellen DeGeneres responded.

Then there was Shia LeBeouf getting arrested at the Broadway show "Cabaret."

"The drunk is really starting to kick in. I'm really good and drunk at this point. ... We get to intermission and a person tells me, 'There's another party outside.' ... And I see six cops having their own party. ... Anyways, they wind up taking me to the station," LeBeouf told Jimmy Kimmel about the incident.

Regardless, it makes a few snips with the scissors seem not so bad.

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